When you think about browser evasion the first thing that probably comes to your mind is a browser which is capable to mask values that the browser emits to create unique fingerprints. You might think its a shut and close case but the reality is a bit different.

Why are anti detect browsers important?

The real reason anti detect browsers are used is to perform tasks on websites which have strong protection against botting. This includes platforms like Facebook and google. In many cases these platforms are very trigger happy and unless you're a multi million dollar company you will face the wrath of these social platforms with unjust bans.

In the current world however without access to advertising and social connection to users on these platforms are out of reach and cause a huge hit on your business. Speaking of numbers, they help reduce the costs massively it would cost you a few hundred bucks for each device so you could have a fresh and unique fingerprint. In contrast using anti detect browsers all it takes is one button click and you have yourself a fresh fingerprint.

What are the use cases?

These just a few use cases that i've seen being used out there. There are probably many more reasons why you would need a anti-detect browser.

Social media marketing

The most important use case is unarguably social media marketing with access to mass accounts you are able to reach a much broader audience with your team. On each separate browser profile you can have accounts across various social media platforms. Doing this manually would be a nightmare. It becomes much easier to run various campaigns using multiple accounts across various fingerprints and reduce the risk of mass bans.


Online retail can feel very limiting and on the mercy of the platforms that you promote your products on. Using evasion browsers you can split your risks across various routes.

Advertising research

You might want to know which angles your competitors are using to target your prospects. Using anti detect browsers you can create a separate persona for each account and reverse the advertising strategies.

Investigative Journalism and Intel

You can use multiple identities to get in contact with the source of information and gather the right intel.

Which browsers are publicly available?

There are probably a lot more than the ones mentioned here but here is a small list of all the anti detect browsers that I'm currently aware of.

Free or with free trial

#1. GoLogin - 7 Day Free Trial: This is a pretty neat browser and the premium version is half the cost of the biggest competitor. It does everything that you'd want in a anti detect browser. The only drawback it has is the fact that the fingerprints need to be manually adjusted by going into the advanced section or they're easily detected.

Antidetect Browser GoLogin - Best Virtual Browser for Multi-accounting with free 7-day trial period
Antidetect Browser GoLogin - Chromium based anonymous browser helps you to surf the web anonymously without being banned and recognized.

#2. Incognition - Free for 10 browser profiles: Incognition is also a pretty competent anti detect browser. One thing to note though is that according to pixelscan.net the version of chrome that they use is slightly outdated. However they're pretty active in the community and have a neat little easy to access notes section which despite being such a small feature is a big deal in my opinion.

Home - Incogniton
Incogniton is a multiple browser environment tool. The application allows users to anonymously manage multiple accounts in a structured way.

#1. Multilogin - Mutilogin is undoubtedly one of the if not the best tool out there for anti detect. It passes most fingerprinting tests and when it doesn't you can tweak it a bit manually. Unfortunately the only drawback is that the smallest package starts at $121/month.

Multilogin - Replace Multiple Computers With Virtual Browser Profiles - Multilogin
Multilogin is a solution designed for online marketing professionals to conveniently manage multiple online accounts with virtual browser profiles.

#2 Kameleo - Honestly i didn't find much difference between Kameleo and Multilogin it does everything that multilogin does and for half the price. The only drawback is that they don't support MacOS or Linux.

Kameleo – The stealth browsing platform

#3. ClonBrowser - This browser does almost everything that multi login can however based on my tests it doesn't pass fingerprinting tests most of the times. But still though at $20/month this is a much affordable deal than multilogin for 10 profiles.

ClonBrowser | Make use of virtual browser profiles to let you have countless computers

Which proxies to use?

No anti detect browser project is complete without a good set of proxies. You need to understand the difference between datacenter, residential and mobile proxies.

Generally, Mobile proxies are the best but also the most expensive. Residential proxies are better than datacenter proxies and are decent for scraping. Data center proxies are cheapest and you should avoid using them for social media or ads.