We wrote an article which explains this in detail. But making the right choice can be tough.

Picking the right technology is crucial. Picking the wrong one can leave footprints. These footprints could hamper your growth strategy completely. Here we will go over them and talk about the pros and cons of each in depth.

Anti- Detect Browsers:

Anti-detect Browsers help create multiple instances of browsers each carrying a unique fingerprint. All the profiles are completely isolated from each other and help serve multiple use cases. Here, in this post we’re comparing three different types of evasion browsers. Old and well known (Multilogin), new and feature rich (Gologin) and entry level and inexpensive with good reviews (Incognition).


Gologin is one of the newly emerging anti-detect browsers. It comes with Orbita Browser (based on Chromium) that works smoothly even when multiple instances are running simultaneously. It has Tor integration as well that best provides privacy protection and serves privacy concerned tasks. Another effective feature is Automation Support in all available plans. It provides a wide range of monthly plans which are cost effective compared to Multilogin with almost the same features.


  • REST API in all plans
  • Web app with all features
  • Android App
  • Has 7- day free trial
  • Free shared proxy


  • No Free-plan available
  • No Team sharing in professional plan

Despite being in the emerging stage, Gologin might outshine older platforms like Multilogin in the coming times due to the consistent updates in the tool.


Multilogin has been in the browser evasion field since a very long time in internet years. It was one of the first companies to create a viable product to evade fingerprint detection. For a long time, the Multilogin tool gained a large number of active users. Mostly due to their free tier plan that allowed you to have 10 profiles for free. Multilogin tool was not just the first mover but also ahead of everyone for a long time when it came to anti detection. However recently they removed the free tier. The quality of their software is still considered to be among the top though.


  • Old and matured
  • Stable
  • Talented team
  • First movers


  • Expensive for micro and small scale operations
  • No free trial
  • API available in expensive plans only

Nothing beats multilogin as of yet but then again there are tools that do the same job that it does for half the price or less. However if you have a budget on the larger side and want stability you should probably go with multilogin for the safety of your operations.


Another competitor in this niche is incogniton, which comes with almost all the features that are already available in the above anti-detect browsers. It is quite young in the market. Yet, what makes it better and effective amongst others is its free plan that makes it highly accessible to newbies and privacy-concerned users. You can keep upto 10 browser profiles in its free version similar to what you could with Multilogin until recently. Selenium/Puppeteer Integration available at reasonable plans.


  • Affordable
  • Good for newbies
  • 10 profiles for free
  • Notes section


  • No custom plan available
  • Doesn’t have free proxy

It best suits the people who newly entered the marketing field and is extremely handy for testing purposes. I personally started with incogniton in the beginning and it worked really well for me.

Personal pick and conclusion

I tried them all one after the other. Based on personal experience Incogniton and Gologin are best suited for google, reddit and twitter multi account farming tasks. Here’s a tip - Use Multilogin for Facebook account farming since it gave me best results each time I created an account using it. Facebook doesn't really go well with Gologin and Incogniton.

So, if you are looking for something long term - you should go for Multilogin. But for identity masking and most of the normal marketing use cases, Multilogin is highly overpriced. So, if you aren’t into some serious organisation level work, Incogniton and Gologin are the way to go.